Mary Elizabeth Lease

Mary Elizabeth Lease

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Mary Elizabeth Lease Birth—Sept. 11, 1850 Death—Oct. 29, 1933 Political activist, writer, lecturer, leading spokeswoman for the Populist Party   Newspaper editors of the day ridiculed her, calling her “ugly and foul of...
Martin and Osa Johnson

Martin and Osa Johnson

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Martin and Osa Johnson Martin (Oct. 9, 1884 — Jan. 13, 1937) Osa (March 14, 1894 — Jan. 7, 1953) Explorers, authors, filmmakers, photographers Martin and Osa Johnson dared to dream and do things different. The...
Harry Colmery

Harry Colmery

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Harry Colmery Birth – Dec. 11, 1890 Death—1979 Topeka attorney, author of the G.I. Bill, national commander of the American Legion Harry Colmery had a vision – to thank those who gave military service. The bill that forever...

What’s Your Leadership Edge?

I don’t think leadership happens very often. It’s rare. Why? Because exercising leadership – mobilizing others to tackle difficult work – puts us on the edge of our capabilities. Leadership is risky. People would rather you not mobilize them to work on tough stuff,...

United by the need for progress, patience

What does the Kansas Leadership Center have to offer to people in a developing country who are passionate about the common good? With that question in mind and eager for adventure, faculty member Tim Steffensmeier and I traveled to Myanmar in Southeast Asia during the...

Almost Nine Years in The Making

Nine years ago, I was trying to figure out what exactly people meant when they said “leadership.” Come to find out it means different things to different folks. So then I had to decide what would it mean to the fledging Kansas Leadership Center, an institution I was...
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