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Is your organization, business or community confronting a tough challenge or big opportunity, one that needs more leadership and engagement from stakeholders at all levels? We hold that progress on the most daunting challenges requires a culture where everyone leads. And we’re here to help with that!

Trusted by leading organizations and companies

The Kansas Leadership Center is quickly forging a national and growing global presence as a center of excellence in leadership development and civic engagement.

Engaging a KLC speaker is a terrific way to mobilize more stakeholders in your organization or community to seize opportunities and make progress on your toughest challenges.

Our deep bench of energizing facilitators, teachers, and coaches is ready and excited to deliver a KEYNOTE, a TEACHING SESSION, or a FACILITATION SESSION for your event.

Click the button below to complete a request and a member of our staff will contact you to discuss the details of your engagement.

Speaking Engagements

KLC’s team of teachers can deliver research-backed leadership content through a training, workshop, or session that might work best with your organization or community. A teaching session would expand on KLC’s leadership competencies and tools to encourage exercising leadership.

A session might range from 1-3 hours or up to a half-day and can include time spent in larger and small groups, teaching and practicing leadership tools, and time to make progress on individual & shared challenges.

A keynote talk would be a great opportunity to introduce your audience to KLC’s guiding leadership principles. It is an excellent way to communicate a new way of thinking about leadership as an activity that can mobilize others to make more progress on your toughest challenges.

Our most popular keynote sessions are derived from the best-selling book When Everyone Leads. We highly recommend purchasing the book for some or all members of your audience along with your request!

Keynotes typically range from 30 minutes to an hour and work best with a larger captive audience. It can often be supplemented by smaller group discussions, a time of Q&A, and larger group activities.

Inviting a Speaker’s Bureau team member to facilitate a program, event, or session can range from hosting a data walk, being a panelist or moderating a panel, or facilitating The Gap exercise to help a group of stakeholders diagnose a specific barrier to making progress.

If you have other ideas as to how a KLC speaker could partner best with your organization or community of people to facilitate an important conversation around a challenge that matters to you, please reach out to our team to discuss it further!

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Uncover a Revolutionary Approach to Leadership with our Bestselling Book

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