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Experiential Leadership Learning for an Online World

Experiential Leadership Learning for an Online World

Photo credit: Leadership Teaching Sketchpad   In the last eight weeks, the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) has facilitated over 120 hours of online learning in English and Spanish. We reached more than 2300 people in Zoom and Facebook Live events. We taught free...

Alumni Survey on the KLC Competencies

In a December 2019 survey of KLC alumni, more than fifty percent of respondents said it is harder to exercise leadership in today’s civic context than it was a decade ago.  They pointed to increasing complexity, growing distrust of authority, lack of common purpose...

Work In Tandem

There is no better feeling than wrapping up a productive client meeting.  Working in tandem with a high achiever that wants to grow is enormously satisfying.  Most days, it doesn’t feel like work at all, but rather an energizing partnership through which my clients...

Lead Anytime, Anywhere.

If only it were that simple. Or is it? Maybe it’s just taking small steps, smart risks and doing little experiments over time that can move us on our way to making change within our organizations, businesses and communities. The idea “Lead Anytime, Anywhere” is based...

Lessons from the Royals

The Kansas City Royals are World Series Champions. Here are five important leadership lessons from their amazing run. Stay in the game.Pulling off comebacks like the Royals did so often this postseason requires remaining composed, focused and confident even when...

From The Journal: The Kansas Flag

RALLY ROUND THE FLAG? GREAT FLAGS SHOULD BE SO SIMPLE EVEN A CHILD COULD DRAW THEM. HOW DOES THE KANSAS FLAG STACK UP?   Let’s have a conversation about the Kansas state flag. Chances are you’ve seen our flag before. It’s been with us, after all, for nearly 90...

Exploring the arts and leadership

When you hear the word leadership, the arts may not be what first pops into your mind. But both the arts and leadership are ultimately about connecting deeply and moving people to new perspectives. Facing down our toughest challenges in Kansas will require more of us...

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