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Lead for Change

Step 3 of the KLC Path

After completing When Everyone Leads and Your Leadership Edge, continue your learning with Step 3 of The KLC Path. Lead for Change is a 3-day, deep dive into the KLC framework for teams mobilizing others to confront tough problems and tackle complex change processes in their systems.

2024 Programs

March 26-28 | August 6-8 | October 15-17
All programs will be held at the Kansas Leadership Center located at 325 E. Douglas Avenue, Wichita, Kansas.

Registration closes two weeks prior to each program or once maximum capacity is reached.

What is Lead for Change?

We know people working to create significant change need steady support.

By attending Lead for Change you and your group will join others from all sectors and levels of authority with a common aspiration: to move forward on what you care about most. We’re looking for dreamers, those with aspirations for large-scale change both within yourself and within the systems where you live and work.

Our leadership framework has helped thousands more effectively diagnose situations, manage themselves, intervene skillfully and energize others. After becoming familiar with these competencies through the second step of the KLC Path, the Your Leadership Edge program, continue your leadership journey of learning and practice with Lead for Change.

Lead for Change is a 3-day immersive workshop that helps groups and teams with a shared purpose apply leadership principles and competencies to:

  1. Diagnose an important challenge, manage themselves, intervene skillfully and work across factions during the program.
  2. Mobilize their system to make significant progress on an important adaptive challenge after the program.
  3. Increase their group’s capacity to exercise leadership related to key issues in your community, state or beyond.

Who should come?

  • Groups and teams who would benefit from stronger relationships, greater trust, and increased ability to stay in the productive zone related to a shared challenge.
  • Groups and teams of 3-6 people from a shared system who have at least one tough, adaptive challenge in common. Consider the challenge and imagine:
    1. Who do I need to energize and engage to make progress on this challenge?
    2. Who has a stake in the outcome, but may think differently than me?
    3. Who has completed Your Leadership Edge or an equivalent program and is ready for their next step?

What to expect?

During Lead for Change you and your peers will work to make significantly more progress on your toughest challenges:

  1. Identify the adaptive challenge that will be at the center of your work during and after the program. (Draft your case.)
  2. Deeply diagnose and begin to energize others to make progress on the challenge at the center of your work.
  3. Apply the KLC framework to make progress on your most important challenge by gaining skills and practicing leadership behaviors at an advanced level.
  4. Assess the readiness of your system to do adaptive work.
  5. Set benchmarks for progress that you can call back to.

Identify your challenge, invite your team, and leave this 3-day program expecting to:

Make measurable progress on the most important challenge(s) facing your organization.
Actively contribute to building culture(s) where everyone leads.
Contribute more effectively to progress on big issues facing your community.
Sustain a community of support for leadership in alignment with the KLC framework.
Exercise leadership with more confidence.

Program Days: Three consecutive days; 9 AM – 5PM Central Time

Deadline to register: Registration closes two weeks prior to each program or once maximum capacity is reached.

Location: Programs will be held at the Kansas Leadership Center – 325 E. Douglas Avenue, Wichita, Kansas.

Meet the Team: Learn from KLC master teachers including Joyce McEwen Crane, Dioane Gates, Tim Steffensmeier and Donna Wright.

Tuition Fee: $799

Required Texts: Lead for Change incorporates required reading material for Steps 1 and 2 of the KLC Path, When Everyone Leads and Your Leadership Edge. If you don’t already have these texts, you may purchase from your favorite retailer or from our bookstore. Additional materials will be provided at no additional cost.

Pre-Work: More details regarding pre-reading are included in an e-mail you’ll receive upon registering.

Have questions or want more information? Contact KLC Programs at [email protected] or 316.712.4950.

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