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Our latest book will be available from best-selling business publisher Bard Press on January 31, 2023.

This book is not about leadership, (at least in the way we normally think about it).

Leadership is not about position, or authority. It’s not about big speeches or grand visions.

Leadership is engaging others to solve daunting challenges. Those challenges appear in our professional lives, in our communities, our families—and they seem unsolvable, beyond our ability to see what needs to be done or outside our capacity to make the changes needed.

They are not.

Because, leadership is an activity—small actions taken in moments of opportunity. And as you start to look around, you can begin to see more of those moments, seize the opportunity in those moments. Most importantly, you can help others see those opportunities too.

That’s why everyone can lead and the real power to solve our most important challenges is when everyone leads.

About the Authors

Photo of Ed O'Malley and Julia Fabris McBride, authors of When Everyone Leads

President and CEO of the Kansas Health Foundation, Ed O’Malley was founding president and CEO of the Kansas Leadership Center, where over 15,000 people have attended programs from around the world since 2007. A former state legislator and gubernatorial aide, Ed has co-authored three other books including Your Leadership Edge and For the Common Good.

Julia Fabris McBride is interim president and CEO of the Kansas Leadership Center and a certified coach. The programs Julia has developed at KLC have drawn people to Kansas from five continents. She is a co-author of Teaching Leadership and splits her time between Wichita and Matfield Green, Kansas.

Advance Praise for When Everyone Leads

“This book provides practical methods to tackle entrenched problems while providing real-world examples. We change the world one soul at a time, and I would consider When Everyone Leads to be a must-read primer for anyone seeking to make a positive difference in our world.”

Jerry Moran

Senior Senator from Kansas, United States Senate

“When we share power to let people lead it becomes much more likely that the tough challenges facing our communities will get solved. Ed and Julia’s examples show how everyone has a role to play in creating significant, positive change.”

India Pierce Lee

Senior Vice President, The Cleveland Foundation

“With this book Ed and Julia help us cultivate the courage and practice the skills we so desperately need to make progress on the toughest challenges facing organizations and communities. Their ideas were incubated in Kansas and now serve to empower teams across the US and around the world.”

Pete Manzo

President & CEO, United Ways of California

Watch Interviews with the Authors

1: What is the book about?

2: What does KLC do?

3: Why Bard chose our book?

4: Why this book, now?

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When Everyone Leads hits  retailers everywhere on January 31, 2023, but it’s not too soon to take your next step with our latest book. Pre-order a carton of 20, request a speaker to talk to your organization about what happens when everyone leads, sign up for updates from Ed and Julia or learn how to start a book club (coming soon).

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