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When Everyone Leads is now more than a book! Propelled by the success of our national bestseller, we are excited to offer a suite of related products and services, including free webinars, discussion kit, podcast, one-day program and keynote presentations.

About When Everyone Leads

In their bestselling book, Ed O’Malley and Julia Fabris McBride present a revolutionary approach to leadership. Neither position nor authority, it’s an activity open to anyone who can see and seize their moments to lead and engage differently. In a culture where everyone leads, individuals, organizations and communities make more progress on what matters most.

O’Malley and Fabris McBride have led thousands of people to engage in the act of leadership through programs at the Kansas Leadership Center. They have seen remarkable results with people from all walks of life.

When Everyone Leads was a bestselling new business release on Amazon and Porchlight Books. Full of specific examples of challenges and solutions from nonprofits, school boards, the healthcare industry and the corporate world, KLC’s national bestseller offers a proven, actionable approach to navigate the world’s most pressing challenges.

About the Authors

Photo of Ed O'Malley and Julia Fabris McBride, authors of When Everyone Leads

President and CEO of the Kansas Health Foundation, Ed O’Malley was founding president and CEO of the Kansas Leadership Center, where over 15,000 people have attended programs from around the world since 2007. A former state legislator and gubernatorial aide, Ed has co-authored three other books including Your Leadership Edge and For the Common Good.

Julia Fabris McBride is interim president and CEO of the Kansas Leadership Center and a certified coach. The programs Julia has developed at KLC have drawn people to Kansas from five continents. She is a co-author of Teaching Leadership and splits her time between Wichita and Matfield Green, Kansas.

Endorsements for When Everyone Leads

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1: What is the book about?

2: What does KLC do?

3: Why Bard chose our book?

4: Why this book, now?

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Uncover a Revolutionary Approach to Leadership with our Bestselling Book

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