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Services for Individuals

We build leadership and engagement skills that help you seize opportunities and make progress in your organization, company or community.

Leadership Development Services
Civic Engagement Services

When Everyone Leads Program

Based on our latest book, When Everyone Leads, this one-day program makes leadership radically accessible and inclusive, and helps unleash capacity for collective leadership in teams, organizations, coalitions and communities.

The KLC Path

Our off-the-shelf, three-step leadership program will show you how to exercise leadership more effectively, regardless or role or position.

Advanced programs

Advanced programs for leadership development and civic engagement professionals, including teachers, trainers, coaches and facilitators.


Books, magazines and merchandise as well as tools for teaching and learning.

The Journal

our award-winning, nonpartisan magazine highlights civic issues in Kansas and beyond through in-depth reporting, investigative journalism and innovative writing, design and media.

Discussion events

Using stories and reporting from The Journal, we host discussion events that educate and inform the public on civic issues from multiple perspectives to build trust and foster leadership for the common good.

Leadership in Public Service

We host discussions, workshops and special programs to support elected and appointed officials in exercising civic leadership for the common good.

Our Latest News & Research

Entrepreneur Claudia Amaro finds empowerment & connection

Entrepreneur Claudia Amaro finds empowerment & connection

Entrepreneur Claudia Yaujar-Amaro finds KLC path to empowerment and connection Lea este blog en español. When Claudia Yaujar-Amaro saw a Facebook post promoting a KLC Latino leadership program in Topeka back in 2016, she had no idea the impact those next four months...

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Uncover a Revolutionary Approach to Leadership with our Bestselling Book

A national bestseller with a suite of related products and services.

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A one-day course based on our national bestseller, When Everyone Leads

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Uncover a Revolutionary Approach to Leadership with our Bestselling Book

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