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What makes us different?

What we do

Whether it’s within an organization, a company or a community the Kansas Leadership Center provides leadership and engagement learning experiences to create cultures where everyone is equipped and empowered to exercise leadership in their sphere of influence. Stakeholders at all levels of the org chart—employees, volunteers, board members—seize opportunities and solve challenges efficiently and effectively.

What we teach

Our unique curriculum empowers participants to authorize themselves to lead. It begins with the principles that leadership is an activity, not a position, and that anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere. Our teachings develop soft skills of engagement, communication and collaboration, including competencies that everyone can learn and leverage – from asking powerful questions and making multiple interpretations, to acting experimentally and making leadership less risky for others. And since progress on the toughest challenges requires stakeholders who disagree working together, we show how to engage each other productively and build trust with those whose values, beliefs and loyalties differ from yours.

How it works

Whether delivered virtually or in-person at our conference center in Wichita, Kansas, our dynamic programs tap a wide range of learning styles. Our diverse lineup of inspiring teachers and coaches speak to the head, heart and gut—disrupting the link between leadership and authority and shifting mindsets to focus not on individuals but on the leadership challenge itself. We create opportunities to practice new skills and make progress on real challenges during the program, so that participants can grasp what leadership looks like for their context and leave authorizing themselves to experiment with acts of leadership. These galvanizing experiences drive lasting behavior change with the power to mobilize an entire organization to own its challenges and seize opportunities for progress.

Proof it Works

Research conducted alongside Kansas State University found that our leadership development leads to a more engaged workforce, with employees that more committed, more hopeful for the future and more satisfied with their job. It produces teams that shift their problem solving mindset through better listening, communication and collaboration skills. And external research by ORS Impact links increased leadership behaviors among employees with positive culture change and greater progress on organizational challenges.

We have developed the leadership capacity of more than 15,000 participants from 44 states and 62 countries on six continents. 98% of our alumni say they would recommend the Kansas Leadership Center to their colleagues.

Learn more about us and our offerings below. We look forward to helping you make more progress on your biggest challenges.

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Uncover a Revolutionary Approach to Leadership with our Bestselling Book

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