We’re passionate and committed leadership developers who want to make a difference in Kansas. We aspire to help people lead more effectively on the challenges facing them.

The Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering leadership for stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas communities.


It’s not difficult to see the challenges facing our world today. Look around you. Situations crying out for more leadership are everywhere, in Kansas and beyond. Many of us would like to see greater leadership, action, and outcomes around issues that matter to us. That’s where we come in.

Since our beginning in 2007, we’ve trained thousands of Kansans at all levels how to lead more effectively. Our leadership framework was created after touring the state to ask people a series of questions, including:

When you think about the future of your community, what concerns you the most?
What makes progress difficult?
What type of leadership will it take?

Our aspiration is for our leadership ideas to help you and other Kansans lead in communities and organizations.

We are generously funded and supported by a core operating grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. Together we believe more leadership creates healthier Kansas communities. Our hearts, purpose and primary focus are on Kansans. Although our roots in our home state are deep, our reach spreads beyond state borders. People visit us from as far away as Australia, India, Saudi Arabia and Ireland along with countless states across America.

Wherever you live and whatever challenges you face, we invite you to join Kansans as we redefine leadership. Now, make a decision to act. While we can’t offer grand solutions to ‘solve’ the challenges facing you in Kansas (or beyond), we instead offer small steps forward to collectively paint a more compelling picture.

Let us equip you with skills to move forward. Join us on your leadership journey. Take your first step on the KLC Path.

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