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April 27 Virtual Event: Energizing Others to Beat the Virus

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Join us online April 27 for our Journal magazine launch and discussion event on the leadership successes and challenges of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Participants of the Kansas Beats the Virus and Voices on Vaccinations efforts are especially encouraged to attend. Learn more.

At Third Floor Research,
we are asking the question: What kind of leadership does it take to tackle challenges in an increasingly changing, complex and unpredictable world?


The KLC Path


Anyone can lead, anytime, and anywhere. Our leadership path will teach you how. Change the way you manage yourself and mobilize others. Transform your leadership skills and become more effective in solving problems with our three-step leadership development path. 

What makes the Kansas Leadership Center different?

Leadership is a skill that can be developed through learning and practice. The principles and competencies covered at KLC can help anyone hone the skills needed to successfully confront problems that exist in organizations and communities. KLC is different in that it focuses on helping people from all positions, backgrounds and sectors learn the same four competencies of leadership.

We believe leadership is an activity, not a position, and anyone can learn to exercise leadership at any time. KLC has trained thousands of people worldwide around these four competencies which help people better diagnose problems and situations, manage themselves, energize others around a common purpose and intervene in ways that are more skillful and successful.

Register to redefine leadership today.


Learn our framework of tested leadership behaviors.


Practice the activity of leadership in a real-time, safe environment.


Receive feedback and support from a team of skilled teachers and coaches.


Leave with a plan to apply the ideas where you live and work.


Some of our partners include:

Our Programs

To ensure that our training remains accessible during the pandemic, our programs are currently offered as interactive virtual experiences. 

Your Leadership Edge

A 2-day foundational training that introduces core concepts in KLC’s powerful leadership framework.

Lead for Change

Continue learning with this multi-session. Deepen your skills and confidence to engage others.

Equip to Lead

Learn to build a culture of leadership where you live, work or volunteer in this 2-day program.

Your Leadership Edge (Self-paced)

A complete online training course. Learn and practice at your own pace, anytime.


Advanced programs for trainers, coaches and other leadership development professionals.

Avanzando Juntos

Aprenderá a ver el liderazgo de manera diferente inscribiéndose en el único programa en español de KLC.

Online Store

Books, magazines and merchandise as well as tools for teaching and learning adaptable for any setting.

Kansan Portraits: A Legacy of Leadership

Explore our ongoing blog series of historic Kansans whose work and lives have honored the notion that leadership is an activity, not a position.

A. A. Hyde

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald A. A. Hyde (March 2, 1848—Jan. 10, 1935) Philanthropist, developer of Mentholatum   Two things drove A. A....

Clementine Paddleford

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Clementine Paddleford (September 27, 1898—November 13, 1967) Food writer, journalist, pilot and explorer Before...

Charles Sheldon

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Charles Sheldon (Feb. 26, 1857—Feb. 24 1946) Minister, Author, Peace Advocate Charles Sheldon was a minister,...

Clarina Nichols

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Clarina Nichols Birth—Jan. 25, 1810 Death—Jan 11, 1885 Suffragette, reformer, journalist Before women could vote...

Mary Elizabeth Lease

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Mary Elizabeth Lease Birth—Sept. 11, 1850 Death—Oct. 29, 1933 Political activist, writer, lecturer, leading...

Martin and Osa Johnson

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Martin and Osa Johnson Martin (Oct. 9, 1884 -- Jan. 13, 1937) Osa (March 14, 1894 -- Jan. 7, 1953) Explorers,...

Harry Colmery

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Harry Colmery Birth – Dec. 11, 1890 Death—1979 Topeka attorney, author of the G.I. Bill, national commander of the...

Walter Chrysler

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Walter Chrysler Birth—April 2, 1875 Died—Aug. 18, 1940 Founder of Chrysler Corporation, auto manufacturer;...

Aaron Douglas

Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Aaron Douglas Birth—May 26, 1899 Death—Feb. 2, 1979 Artist and illustrator of the Harlem Renaissance His artwork...


Cut paper illustration by Lauren Fitzgerald Satanta Birth: 1829 Died: Oct. 11, 1878 Kiowa War Chief, Orator Military students still study the tactical skills...