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Custom Programs

Our Customized Approach to Leadership Development

Find the custom approach right for you.

You know you would benefit from more people practicing leadership within your organization, but how do you make it happen? As a custom partner, KLC works with you to build your organization’s leadership capacity by using proven and tested methods to move forward on daunting challenges or seize big opportunities.

Grow individual capacity.

Are you looking to introduce a proven leadership framework to shift the mindset of your employees? Our KLC teaching team can provide an energetic, thought-provoking session to build the capacity of individuals, at every level of the organization, to see leadership as an activity they can engage in.

Tackle your toughest challenges.

The day-to-day work is clear, and yet departments become siloed and innovation stagnates. Spending time and resources on these areas feels important, but never urgent. Whether it’s a specific business challenge or a team that could benefit from targeted support, let KLC design a custom training or coaching experience for your organization to make progress on your most daunting team needs.

Shift your Organizational Culture.

KLC research shows that culture change takes intentional leadership development work. And KLC specializes in designing pathways that lead to more people in your organization authorizing themselves to lead when and where it matters most. Infuse and implement the idea that anyone can lead, anywhere, anytime through facilitation experiences designed for organizations looking to embed leadership into their company culture.

Benefits Of A Custom-Designed KLC Experience

Your place or ours.

We’re happy to host a full-service event at the Kansas Leadership Center in Wichita, Kansas, or we can work on-site or virtually.

Branded materials.

Receive the KLC framework branded with your logo and visual identity.

Immediate application.

Not only will your employees gain new skills, they will be able to immediately apply them to individual and organizational challenges.

We’re ready when you are.

We have a teaching team ready to help organizations like yours grow, solve problems faster and improve company culture.

A proven framework that adapts to you.

The KLC framework relies on the belief that no matter your role within the organization, you have a role to play in making progress.

Asynchronous Support.

As part of our process, we offer a full suite of resources to help your organization achieve the progress it’s looking for even when our facilitators aren’t with you.

We know our programs work.

We have the research to prove the impact of our leadership programs:

Videos On Our Recent Research Findings

What our programs can do for your organization.

Our leadership development increases workforce engagement.

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