Video – What is Leadership


Use this video to introduce the KLC leadership framework and definition of leadership as “mobilizing people to make progress on really difficult (adaptive) challenges.”


In this learning-packed three-minute video, the KLC team makes the case for a culture and definition of leadership where everyone (not just the CEO) can lead, whatever their role in a company or community. Use this short and engaging video to introduce the KLC framework in a leadership development program or to provoke a conversation in your organization about what would be different if everyone felt empowered to lead.

Discussion flows more freely when you prime the pump with key concepts from this highly accessible, conversational video. Learning points include:

  • Leadership happens in the context of a challenge.
  • Anyone can lead, anywhere, anytime, and when the challenge is adaptive, we need everyone exercising leadership.
  • Leadership is an activity, not a position.
  • If the challenge is adaptive, there is a role for authority, but authority alone is not enough.
  • Leadership is like a muscle. With practice, you get better.

Start your meeting or class session by playing the video. As it concludes, invite participants to make notes about what struck them in the discussion among Ed, Amanda and Shaun. After a moment of reflection, ask a question as simple as “What stood out for you in the video?” Then trust your participants to take it from there (with light facilitation from you, of course). If you have a group of 12 or more, invite participants to share with a partner before the full group discussion.

This video runs 2:51 minutes and features KLC CEO Ed O’Malley with Your Leadership Edge co-author Amanda Cebula and director of civic engagement Shaun Rojas. Use it on its own or assign Chapter 1 (pages 14-21) in Your Leadership Edge: Distinguish Technical and Adaptive Work. Or consider using this video as part of a larger lesson introducing the KLC leadership principles and competencies.


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