Video – Energize by Starting with Them


Launch a discussion of the leadership competency Energize Others with this three-minute video about working across factions, starting where they are and speaking to loss.



We all want to win. But inherent in leadership is loss.

When a group makes progress on an adaptive challenge, some people are bound to lose. Maybe it’s loss of comfort, familiarity or competence, or more tangible losses such as money or time. If you ask a group to spend more time learning, for instance, what will they have to stop doing to free up the time?

In this short and insightful video, the KLC team encourages folks to step into someone else’s shoes for a while. Think about potential losses and prepare yourself to speak about them. Consider the counterintuitive notion that energizing stakeholders starts with getting real about what they stand to lose.

After watching the video invite people to talk (in pairs or in the full group) about the different factions involved in their challenge. Push each other to consider:

  • How would you know others were energized about your challenge?
  • What might you have to give up as you energize others around your challenge?
  • What would speaking to loss look like in your situation?

Move from the video to discussion to mapping factions with your team. Or provide time for individuals to fill out a Faction Map to better understand who needs to be energized, what they value and what they stand to lose.

The video runs 3:03 minutes and features Jan Davis, Julia Fabris McBride and Shaun Rojas. It pairs well with the Faction Map activity sheet in our Energize Others activity packet and Part 3 (pages 104–145) in Your Leadership Edge: Energize Others.


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