The Journal – Spring 2021 – A Shot for Your Right (to Party)


The coronavirus vaccines represent an exit strategy for freeing the nation from the grips of a deadly pandemic. But significant numbers of Kansans remain reluctant to get them. What can ordinary people do to energize others at this critical juncture?

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Getting back to business after COVID-19 depends on whether enough people take one of the coronavirus vaccines. But the newness of the vaccines, the nation’s growing political fissures and past shameful treatment of people of color by the medical establishment complicate the push.

Because ultimate success against COVID-19 depends on lots of people getting the vaccine, leaders hope to enlist Kansans from all walks of life in the effort. Very few adverse reactions have been documented from the three approved vaccines. Side effects, when they occur, disappear after a few days. And while the shots won’t entirely protect against the virus, people who get them are highly unlikely to become seriously ill or die. And research increasingly is showing that vaccinated people are less likely to spread the virus.

But the best advocates for vaccinations might not be government officials, or even the scientists who created them. They are sons and daughters, neighbors, pastors, physicians and community pharmacists.

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