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Email a copy of your Sales and Use Tax Entity Exemption Certificate to [email protected]. We will set up an account for you with your email. We will let you know this has happened with a confirmation email from our office with your new account password. When you go to checkout in the KLC Store, you will see a message “Returning Customer? Click here to log in.” Click to open, then fill in the two blanks (your email and password we send). Then click ‘remember me.’ Organizations outside of Kansas are not charged sales tax.

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Video – Energizing Others – Create a Trustworthy Process

Lead off a discussion of the leadership competency Energize Others with this provocative three-minute video focused on creating a trustworthy process.




Leadership is about energizing other people. Energize Others means getting people to invest in something and work together to make progress on a difficult challenge. If you want to energize others, you need a process people can believe in that honors their values.

In this short video the KLC team challenges viewers to consider: “Have I been energizing others toward a common purpose? Have I created a process that allows people to engage and listen to one another? Or have I limited my leadership to pumping people up and coaxing them to move my way?”

Open your class or team meeting with this thought-provoking video. Then follow-up with questions such as:

  • What resonated with you in the video?
  • What’s the difference between “trusting everybody” and “creating a trustworthy process”?
  • With adaptive work, what makes a trustworthy process?
  • How would you begin to build a trustworthy process?

The video runs 3:12 minutes and features KLC CEO Ed O’Malley with Julia Fabris McBride and Shaun Rojas. It pairs well with the Create a Trustworthy Process activity sheet in our Energize Others activity packet and pages 124-131 in Your Leadership Edge: Create a Trustworthy Process.

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