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The Journal – Fall 2022 – Can One City Have Two Languages?

Emporia embraces the possibility of becoming a bilingual city

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As Kansas diversifies, more communities will wrestle with bridging linguistic differences. Spanish speakers know the importance of learning English. But in Emporia, a small group of English speakers are working to make their city more welcoming to newcomers by learning Spanish. Is it a first step on a road to a bilingual and more cohesive community?

Other stories include:

  • What’s the future for Kansas community colleges?
  • Forging healthier relationships between athletes and community college towns
  • The challenge of fostering consensus on racial justice and equity
  • Scholastic target shooting becoming a growing, inclusive sport
  • Learning to live with deadly blue-green algae in Kansas
  • Being in on the joke at Fredonia’s Sausage Fest
  • How rural restaurants are returning from the brink
  • How a database might help keep bad police officers off the streets

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