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When Everyone Leads Partner Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in our national bestselling book, When Everyone leads. Your support helps make it possible for more people and organizations to see and make progress on their toughest challenges. This page contains a wealth of content to help you spread the word in your community, organization or company.  Use the assets below to promote the book on social media, newsletters or your website. If you are starting a book club or hosting a live or virtual event featuring our authors or a KLC speaker, the resources will help generate a successful turnout for your event or club. To find what you need, scroll through the page using the anchor links below. Be sure to use the hashtag #WhenEveryoneLeads or tag the Kansas Leadership Center to let us know what you’re up to so we can support you. If you need something but you don’t find it here, let us know.

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Coming January 31 on Bard Press

Text Resources

Blurbs and wording to help you talk about, share, describe and summarize When Everyone Leads. Click on the text boxes below, then copy and paste what you need.

Promotional wording

In their bestselling book, Ed O’Malley and Julia Fabris McBride present a revolutionary approach to leadership. Neither position nor authority, it’s an activity open to anyone who can see and seize their moments to lead and engage differently. In a culture where everyone leads, individuals, organizations and communities make more progress on what matters most.

O’Malley and Fabris McBride have led thousands of people to engage in the act of leadership through programs at the Kansas Leadership Center. They have seen remarkable results with people from all walks of life.

When Everyone Leads was a bestselling new business release on Amazon and Porchlight Books. Full of specific examples of challenges and solutions from nonprofits, school boards, the healthcare industry and the corporate world, KLC’s national bestseller offers a proven, actionable approach to navigate the world’s most pressing challenges.

The three main points of When Everyone Leads

At its core, this book has three main points:

1. Leadership is not about authority and position.
2. Leadership is actually an activity—small actions taken in moments of opportunity. That mean everyone can lead.
3. And when everyone leads, we make progress on our most important challenges.

If you want to introduce these ideas to people who think about leadership, use this LEADERSHIP FOCUSED MESSAGING:

1. Leadership, defined as authority or position, cannot solve the toughest challenges that face you, your organization or your community.
2. That’s because leadership is an activity. And that means anyone can lead.
3. When everyone leads, the toughest challenges get seen and solved.

If you want to bring these ideas to people who are more concerned about their challenges than leadership per se, use this CHALLENGE CENTERED MESSAGING:

1. The toughest challenges that face you, your organization or your community are too big for a small group of “leaders”  to solve on their own.
2. But if you think of leadership as an activity — small actions taken in moments of opportunity, open to anyone — then EVERYONE can lead.
3. And when everyone leads, your toughest challenges get seen and solved.

Book jacket description

This book is not about leadership, (at least in the way we normally think about it).

Leadership is not about position, or authority. It’s not about big speeches or grand visions.

Leadership is engaging others to solve daunting challenges. Those challenges appear in our professional lives, in our communities, our families—and they seem unsolvable, beyond our ability to see what needs to be done or outside our capacity to make the changes needed.

They are not.

Because, leadership is an activity—small actions taken in moments of opportunity. And as you start to look around, you can begin to see more of those moments, seize the opportunity in those moments. Most importantly, you can help others see those opportunities too.

That’s why everyone can lead and the real power to solve our most important challenges is when everyone leads.

Alternate promotional wording

There is a new book coming from Bard Press on January 31, 2023, that ________________ will want to know about. It’s called When Everyone Leads: How the Toughest Challenges Get Seen and Solved.

The premise is:

Leadership is not about authority and position.
Leadership is actually an activity—small actions taken in moments of opportunity.
That means everyone can lead.
And when everyone leads, we make progress on our most important challenges.

When Everyone Leads is engaging and accessible. It’s packed with real-life examples and advice for people at all levels in companies, organizations and communities. It’s the resource you need to tackle tough, adaptive challenges, and inspire the change you want to see in the world.

Co-authors Ed O’Malley and Julia Fabris McBride wrote the book for the Kansas Leadership Center. KLC works with folks in education, healthcare, non-profit, government, and business to make progress on big, complex challenges. It was established to build leadership capacity of their state and now they work with organizations around the world.

Here is more book info here:

How is this book different from Your Leadership Edge?

When Everyone Leads: How the Toughest Challenges Get Seen and Solved is a book to shift your mindset about leadership.

It describes WHY it’s absolutely necessary to think about leadership as an activity, not a position, and WHAT it feels like to do adaptive work. It makes the case that the only way to solve our toughest challenges and achieve bold aspirations is to build cultures where everyone leads.

It’s goes deep on the KLC leadership principles. This book puts into highly accessible language (with cartoons and charts) things we teach all the time but aren’t in Your Leadership Edge, including:

• The distinction between adaptive challenges and technical problems.
• Barriers to progress on our toughest challenges (they involve loss, values always clash, quick fixes don’t work, and authority is not enough).
• What heat is, what the productive zone is, and why they matter.
• How everyone can get started exercising leadership right away.

Your Leadership Edge: Tools and Strategy for When Everyone Leads is a book to build your leadership skillset. It describes HOW to manage yourself, diagnose situations, energize others, and intervene skillfully to make progress on challenges big and small. It’s built around the KLC leadership competencies. This book is a trove of ideas for how to experiment to make progress on what matters in your company, organization, community.

Author bios

Ed O’Malley is president and CEO of the Kansas Health Foundation. He founded the Kansas Leadership Center in 2007, serving as president and CEO for 15 years. A former Kansas state legislator and gubernatorial aide, Ed has co-authored three previous books including Your Leadership Edge and For the Common Good.

Julia Fabris McBride is chief leadership development officer at the Kansas Leadership Center, where more than 15,000 people around the world have attended programs since 2007. A certified coach, former actor and co-author of Teaching Leadership, Julia splits her time between Wichita and Matfield Green, Kansas.


Author photos

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Ed O’Malley

Photo of Ed O'Malley and Julia Fabris McBride, authors of When Everyone Leads

Ed O’Malley and Julia Fabris McBride

Julia Fabris McBride

Book graphics

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Non-obvious Book Awards Longlist

2022 Non-obvious book award longlist selection

Photo of Ed O'Malley and Julia Fabris McBride, authors of When Everyone Leads

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Photo of Ed O'Malley and Julia Fabris McBride, authors of When Everyone Leads


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Press Kit

Download the press release, a summary of the book’s key concepts, an author Q&A and a list of endorsements.

Press Release

Key Concepts Summary

Author Q&A

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When Everyone Leads in the News

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Cartoons from When Everyone Leads

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Cartoon illustration The Gap leadership exercise
Quick fixes don't work cartoon
Start with your part of the mess cartoon

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