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Neha Batawala | Program Associate

Neha serves on the programs team as a program associate. She is responsible for engaging people with an excellent use of technology and media to support staff and deliver the KLC curriculum. She also works with the social media team, emerging podcast, our website, and KLC store. She believes media and technology have the greatest potential for influencing culture and can be a strong tool in furthering the impact of KLC.

Born and raised in Texas, Neha started at Baylor University (sic ‘em bears!) where she studied and worked in healthcare and ministry. Her first experience in Kansas was interning with an innovative county hospital in Southwest Kansas where she had the privilege of integrating quickly with the locals and the refugees in the community. Here she observed first-hand the challenges faced by many not only to gain access to healthcare, but to thrive as individuals and collectives. She found beauty and purpose living in the tension with people who desire to see reform and this led her to move away from pursuing medicine and towards seeking to work with communities to bring real and lasting change. Moving to Wichita and joining KLC, Neha hopes to grow in her capacity to serve whatever community she belongs to as well as shape and share the stories of the people she encounters.

Neha has experience working with different non-profits, hospitals, and ministries where she’s had opportunities to teach, manage teams, write and create compelling content, manage social media and websites, plan and produce events, and learn from incredible people. She enjoys all things film, storytelling, photography, writing, and keeping up her tradition of hosting & cooking Friday Night Dinners with friends and neighbors.

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