For The Common Good

I thought I knew where I was going. But it turns out a glance or two at the map of Seville, Spain, online a few days before wasn’t quite enough to give me a firm sense of how to get to the hostel where I staying. So, I wandered the streets of the city in the dark, confused, tired and trying not to miss my turn off.

I eventually arrived, but my feet ached and my shoulders felt sore from carrying the load of my giant backpack. Such travails proved to be a common occurrence as I traveled Europe and Asia on breaks from graduate school in the United Kingdom. It was more than a decade ago, in the days before Google Maps and smart phones to help you pinpoint your location immediately to find your way.

One thing I learned during my time as a backpacker is that when you’re traveling on a significant journey, it helps to have a guide and map to keep you oriented. On more recent trips to Germany and Uganda, my trusty “Lonely Planet” guides have proved invaluable for helping keep me on track.

I thought of my travel guidebooks when my newly published “For the Common Good: Participant Handbook” showed up at my desk the other day. As a participant in a Kansas Leadership Center program, this publication will be an essential travel guide for you on your journey to improve your leadership.

The handbook contains detailed descriptions of what you need to know to prepare yourself for your intensive leadership development experience at KLC. It provides valuable tools for helping you apply the leadership ideas you’re learning while you’re here. And a third section is designed to help you as you work to make progress on your own personal leadership challenge back in the real world.

Owning the book is a must if you’re going to be attending a KLC program. If you’ve already been through a KLC experience, it might help you refresh your memory about key concepts or work to try new things.

You can learn more about the book and how to purchase it here. It’s just the latest in a series of books being published by the KLC Press, our in-house publishing arm that produces titles designed to help Kansans increase and leverage their knowledge about leadership. Our first book, “For the Common Good: Redefining Civic Leadership,” by two of our founders, David Chrislip and Ed O’Malley, about a more purposeful, provocative and engaging approach to leadership has been garnering some international recognition.

Additional titles from KLC Press will be published soon, including a practical guide to leadership that breaks down KLC’s principles and competencies in the clearest way yet. We will also release a teaching guide that thoroughly explores how to use KLC’s methods of instruction, including experiential teaching methods, coaching and traditional instruction.

As you probably know all too well, leadership is challenging, difficult work. Hopefully publications like the Participant Handbook will help be a useful travel guide for you to keep in your backpack as you navigate your own leadership adventure.