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Juneteenth: Freedom, leadership and closing the gap

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Newsroom

Juneteenth: freedom, leadership and closing the gap

Some call Juneteenth America’s second Independence Day. I like that.

On July 4 we celebrate freedom. On Juneteenth we celebrate freedom becoming more fully realized.

At the Kansas Leadership Center, we teach that individuals, groups and nations are in a constant and worthy struggle to close the gap between their espoused values and their actual behaviors. Leadership is about helping others close that gap.

Americans believe all people are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Juneteenth reminds us that proclaiming these beliefs – or even writing them in a Declaration – is one thing; realizing these beliefs is something different.

In addition to a wonderful celebration of Black culture and of freedom, Juneteenth is a profound example of more fully realizing our values as a nation.

Our work at the Kansas Leadership Center is directly related to closing this gap, not just in Kansas, but in our nation.

I’m thankful to be on this journey with you, and grateful for the contributions of so many who share in this work, differently.

Happy Juneteenth!

Ed O’Malley
President and CEO
Kansas Leadership Center



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