Ed O'MalleyNine years ago, I was trying to figure out what exactly people meant when they said “leadership.” Come to find out it means different things to different folks. So then I had to decide what would it mean to the fledging Kansas Leadership Center, an institution I was charged with creating from scratch?

I knew I wasn’t smart enough to answer that question myself so I did the only thing I knew how to do when facing a tough situation: Ask others what they think. Those questions led to lots of listening and that listening led to a framework of leadership that has been taught to thousands of individuals by now.

That framework, known as the KLC Four Competencies, offers a powerful and provocative approach to exercising leadership. We believe leadership is an activity, not a position. That anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere.

After nine years of exploring and evolving the ideas, we are close to publishing our first book that goes into detail into each dimension of the framework. The book title is Your Leadership Edge: Lead Anytime, Anywhere and is authored by Amanda Cebula and me.

This book is for you if you are a fan of the Kansas Leadership Center.

This book is for you if you crave a provocative approach to leadership that leads to actual progress on what you care about most.

This book is for anyone wanting to make an impact on the world around them.

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Your Leadership Edge, a new book written by former legislator and current President & CEO, Ed O’Malley and emerging leader and young professional Amanda Cebula, offers insights needed to thrive in the midst of your challenges.

This book is designed to help you develop the daily practice of leadership. It is a practical, comprehensive guide designed to help you hone the behaviors, attitude and mindset necessary to create lasting impact for yourself, your organization or your community. Your Leadership Edge will help you take your leadership practice to the next level.