Tina Khan | Field Team

Tina Khan is a member of the Kansas Leadership Center Field Team who lives by the principle, “leadership starts with you and must engage others.”

Tina spent 13 years in dual-language bilingual classrooms as a teacher advocate for families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Tina has worked with the Kansas Leadership Center’s framework as a teacher and coach, including as a member of the team at Leadership Emporia Academy. She is well-practiced in the case-in-point teaching method of helping groups simultaneously learn and practice leadership skills. Professionally, Tina works to increase healthy food access for rural communities across Kansas. Through her work with rural grocery stores, she was instrumental in establishing the state’s second CDFI (community development financing institute) and only the 10th CDFI in the country that focuses on increasing healthier food access for citizens. She is passionate about connecting individuals with resources that benefit the progress of Kansas communities.

With more than ten years of experience in team training and group facilitation, Tina has a degree from Kansas State University in K-12 Education with Bilingual/Multicultural licensure, as well as a Master of Arts in American History and Master of Science in Educational Administration and School Leadership from Emporia State University. She fills her spare time with cycling, outdoor activities, animals, and enjoying the beautiful countryside of Lyon County Kansas where she lives with her husband Brandon, their six dogs, two miniature donkeys, and potbelly pig Roscoe.