Mildred Edwards | Coach

The granddaughter of a woman of many “firsts” and daughter of unapologetic champions, Mildred Edwards is an explorer who is passionate about helping others navigate their course through life and leadership.

Mildred’s goal is to inspire each person she coaches toward their highest self through the excavation and alignment of individual gifts, culture and sense of adventure. In 2017, wishing to live more fully and work with like-minded individuals and organizations, Mildred left corporate life to launch ME Executive Consulting, LLC. Around the same time, she joined the KLC team as an Associate, serving as a coach in Lead for Change and engaging with KLC’s partner organizations as a coach, teacher and facilitator.

While many describe her as “professional,” “compassionate” and “purpose driven,” Mildred also brings candor, enlightening observation, humor, and extreme optimism to every conversation. She’ll support you in achieving your highest goals with her provocative and challenging questions. An accomplished research journal author, Mildred is currently exploring the concepts of authenticity and legacy building for her first self-help book. Engage Mildred as your coach if you are ready to use tools she’s created to make an honest critique of your current circumstances, assess how you got there and implement a plan that moves you to success. Authenticity, legacy building and making an impact far beyond yourself are what coaching with Mildred is all about.

In addition to coaching, Mildred integrates the KLC leadership ideas with Dare to Lead and Measuring Organizational Trust to drive the accomplishment of individual and organizational diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion goals. Whether coaching, teaching, or consulting, Mildred draws on the sciences of energy, mindfulness, consciousness, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, intention, and quantum physics, combined with the art of respecting and honoring others.

Dr. Mildred Edwards is a trained and credentialed social scientist and researcher with a PhD in Community Psychology from Wichita State University and an International Coach Federation credentialed (ACC) coach. She is a certified Authentic Leadership Coach, a learning and performance professional, spiritual practitioner and yogi. Beyond KLC, Mildred’s work as an independent consultant and community advocate includes serving as adjunct faculty with the University of Kansas Public Management Center and Head of Global Impact for the Raleigh Coaching Academy. She is Chair of the Kansas Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Kansas Delegate to the Drexel University Vision 2020 initiative and volunteers with local Rotary and other womens service organizations.

Mildred’s grandmother would be proud, don’t you think?

Credentials: ACC

Email: [email protected]

City: Topeka