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Jill Hufnagel, Ph.D. | Senior Associate

Jill Hufnagel

With deep experience in adaptive leadership and case-in-point learning, Jill Hufnagel provides coaching and consultation on unwieldy organizational challenges and designs and delivers immersive leadership workshops built on robust capacity development and possibility thinking. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies, tech firms and financial institutions, school districts and health care organizations, state and federal agencies and many in the conservation community. In addition to her e-book Teachable Moments of Leadership, her writing has appeared in the Kansas Leadership Center’s Journal, The Spin and the International Leadership Association’s Building Leadership Bridges.

Jill began her career working for the Secretary of the U.S. Senate, has served on the faculty at Harvard’s Kennedy School, as a senior consultant with Cambridge Leadership Associates, and as the associate director of the Batten Leadership Institute. Jill believes the work of leadership is about using strategically the tool that is you to help your corner of the world to thrive and as such: is everyone’s to claim. When not on the road, she hikes, cooks, reads, and aspires to change her mind and evolve her practice at every chance she gets. ​ For more on her work, visit:

Email: [email protected]

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