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Worksheets – Manage Self Package

Drive application immediately with these six easy-to-use worksheets that support learning and action around the leadership competency Manage Self.




These worksheets provide material and inspiration for up to 10 hours of classroom work on the leadership competency Manage Self.

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to progress is our own ego. That’s why self-awareness and the willingness to do things differently are at the core of this competency. Manage Self is a leadership competency because progress requires taking risks and stepping outside your comfort zone.

This package contains six downloadable worksheets and permission to make unlimited copies for use in your classroom and team meetings.

Each worksheet supports application of a key leadership behavior, providing space and clear direction for reflection on one dimension of Manage Self – the perfect set of tools for moving from learning to action.

Worksheets in this package are:

  • Choose Among Competing Values. Assign and discuss pages 72-79 in Your Leadership Edge. Then have people reflect on a situation in which they want to exercise Consider competing values that may be holding you back. Which will you choose and why?
  • Experiment Beyond Your Comfort Zone. Assign and discuss pages 86-93 in Your Leadership Edge. Students or team members can use this worksheet to list possible ways to make progress on their challenge and evaluate the risk level of each. Facilitate a group conversation or use peer coaching to encourage people to stretch beyond what’s comfortable.
  • Know Your Strengths, Vulnerabilities and Triggers. Assign pages 58-57 in Your Leadership Edge or show the video What’s Your Part of the Mess? Use this two-page worksheet at the start of a class session or small group meeting to provide space for reflection. It’s a great way to help group members anticipate triggers and consciously manage themselves.
  • Know Yourself in Relation to Your Challenge. Assign or teach the Know Your Strengths, Vulnerabilities and Triggers and Know the Story Others Tell About You chapters in Your Leadership Edge (pages 58-57 and 80-85). Then give group members plenty of time to reflect and fill out this worksheet. Share in pairs before facilitating conversation in the full group.
  • KLC Energy Inventory. Habits to Support Your Use this great planning tool and conversation starter to accompany any lesson or discussion about managing self.
  • Take Care of Yourself. Assign pages 94-100 in Your Leadership Edge and then give people plenty of time to reflect using this w Provide space to share in pairs or small groups before facilitating a large group discussion about the importance of self-care for those of us who aspire to exercise leadership for the long haul.

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