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Worksheets – Diagnose Situation Package

Use these six easy-to-use worksheets to drive learning and application of the leadership competency Diagnose Situation.




These worksheets provide material and inspiration for up to 10 hours of classroom work on the leadership competency Diagnose Situation.

Too often, when attempting to exercise leadership, we think we have a better understanding of the situation than we actually do. We give the data a cursory scan, and jump into action. But with adaptive challenges, we need to take a more curious approach. We have to observe and understand the situation from all angles.

This package contains six downloadable worksheets and permission to make unlimited copies for use in your classroom and team meetings.

Adults learn best when we see clear, real-world opportunities to apply new concepts. Starting with the Describe Your Leadership Challenge worksheet, this is the perfect set of tools for moving from learning to action. Each worksheet supports application of a key leadership behavior, providing space and clear direction for reflection based in the competency of Diagnose Situation.

Use these worksheets along with pages 14-55 in Your Leadership Edge or the KLC video Adaptive vs Technical – What’s Your Challenge?

Worksheets in this package are:

  • Describe Your Leadership Challenge. Before arriving at your leadership program, ask participants to use the prompts on this worksheet to identify a leadership challenge from their own work. What they write becomes the “case” they use to bring new leadership behaviors to life.
  • Stakeholder Map. Use this worksheet to invite participants to identify all the people who have a stake in their challenges. Encourage them to look beyond the usual voices. Pair it with the KLC video Who’s Not at the Table? Push people to identify who’s missing from the top left and lower right quadrants of their stakeholder map.
  • Take the Temperature. To lead effectively when facing an adaptive challenge, your students or team members need to understand the level of urgency, discomfort, conflict, pressure or disequilibrium. At KLC, we call that heat. Use this easy worksheet to launch a rich discussion about how to diagnose the heat in their system.
  • Identify Who Needs to Do the Work. Leadership starts with you and must engage others. List individuals and factions in the left column and rate their level of engagement. Use this worksheet to encourage people to stay in diagnosis longer.
  • Test Multiple Tough Interpretations. Use this worksheet when you introduce the leadership skill of holding multiple interpretations of your situation. Have students list interpretations that are more adaptive, conflictual and system-oriented.
  • Understand the Process Challenges. Use the worksheet to have people identify the process challenges related to their issue. Then rank them from most to least important. This is a great way to encourage the move from diagnosis to acting experimentally.

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