Nearly three dozen Kansans, recently elected to the state legislature for the first time, gathered recently as a group to learn how to maximize their ability to exercise leadership. Leadership and Legacy in the Statehouse – A New Legislator’s Program is an extensive seven-month program offered by the Kansas Leadership Center to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing freshman state lawmakers. “The potential for new legislators to leverage influence in support of the common good is immense,” said Kansas Leadership Center President & CEO Ed O’Malley, himself a former state lawmaker. “That influence is not guaranteed just on account of being a legislator, but rather available to the wise, disciplined, reflective and purposeful legislator.” Leadership and Legacy in the Statehouse – A New Legislator’s Program is designed to create a connection among legislators and model collaboration; to increase the legislator’s own individual skills and to demonstrate a wider, deeper, more long-term and statewide perspective on their job as a legislator. The program is broken into three component phases: Phase 1: Entering the Arena. (December 10-12 retreat in Wichita). Preparing new legislators for their role, for working together and making an impact on behalf of their district and state. Phase 2: In the Arena. (Monthly evening sessions in January, February and March in Topeka).  Helping freshman legislators make sense out of their early experience and providing an opportunity for them to reflect on what they are learning and accomplishing as new legislators. Phase 3: Legacy. (A June retreat in Wichita). Encouraging legislators to think about the legacy they hope to leave during their public service in the Statehouse. Leadership and Legacy in the Statehouse – A New Legislator’s Program will feature uniquely-crafted materials and curriculum created specifically for this program by Kansas Leadership Center staff and consultants, whose work was informed by their own personal public service experience in Topeka. This one-of-a-kind training is consistent with the ideas of the Kansas Leadership Center’s broad understanding of what it takes to mobilize people to accomplish difficult work. That broad understanding was developed through extensive engagement and listening with thousands of Kansas citizens since its inception in 2007. The Kansas Leadership Center equips people with the ability to make lasting change for the common good. KLC stands alone in the field of leadership development with its focus on leadership being an activity, not a role or position. Open to anyone wanting to move the needle on tough challenges in the civic arena, KLC envisions more Kansans sharing responsibility for acting together in pursuit of the common good.