The 4:10 Irish Den youth facility plans to work with volunteers and youth to create a heated outdoor space where young people can convene in compliance with social distancing requirements under adult supervision. Because several schools are in a virtual learning environment through the rest of the year, a safe location in Chapman for kids to hang-out, host a social hour, or have small-group study sessions will help combat the spread of the virus among youth.

“This group is very mindful and conscious that school in their area has gone virtual until after the new year. However, they understand that kids will gather, and they would rather them gather at a location where social distancing, masks, hand-washing are encouraged, and with adult supervision.”

– Elizabeth Weese, Facilitator

More Community Action Plans

Here’s what else is new in grassroots efforts to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kansas.

  • KC United! Youth Sports & Education: Build intergenerational relationships between college students and seniors to foster resiliency and combat isolation in Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Leadership Mitchell County Board: Contribute funds to Quarenting Care to support community members who are making the right choice to stay home when sick and get tested if they show symptoms.
  • Leadership League of Pratt County: Create a social media campaign to share true COVID stories and educate students on the impact of COVID in Pratt County.
  • Kansas Nonprofit Chamber & Envision: Hopes to increase website accessibility for Wichita schools, businesses and healthcare providers to ensure the blind and visually impaired have equitable access to pandemic resources online.
  • NCK Tech Dept Chair: Model proper behavior and raise awareness through social media, in-person communications, signs, and videos on how to practice safe behaviors on and off the NCK campus in Beloit.
  • Waconda Cultural Association: Advocate for physical and mental health during winter months through the promotion and use of the outdoor spaces at Glen Elder State Park.
  • Rockhill Neighborhood: Create a social campaign with incentives from local businesses to encourage Waldo residents to stay home and not have large gatherings during the holiday season.

By the Numbers

Action Plans Created: 79
Action Plans Pending: 299

Kansas Beats the Virus is a partnership between the Kansas Leadership Center and the State of Kansas to activate KLC’s statewide network to generate local solutions that slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the effort is to spark more than 1,000 small group meetings before the end of 2020.

Learn more about Kansas Beats the Virus and other action plans groups are developing.