325 East Douglas Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67202
Tel: 316.712.4950

Lucy Petroucheva | Civic Engagement Manager

Lucy Petroucheva is a civic engagement manager who collaborates with internal staff and a wide range of external partners to design and implement initiatives that enrich the civic culture of Kansas. She believes that people can shape the future of their communities by honing their capacity to solve problems together and build trust despite disagreement.

In her previous role at Wichita State University’s Community Engagement Institute, Lucy served as an organizational development practitioner with a focus on supporting Kansas nonprofits, academic institutions, coalitions, and government agencies.

Lucy holds a BA in philosophy and psychology from Wichita State University and certifications in advanced leadership development, coaching, and design thinking. She spends her free time with friends and books, in nature and on voyages to new places.

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