Cartoons – Intervene Skillfully Package


Use this set of six cartoons to jumpstart conversation about the leadership competency Intervene Skillfully in your classroom or team meetings.



This package of six cartoons and accompanying facilitating guide support you in promoting powerful learning about the leadership competency Intervene Skillfully. The Intervene Skillfully package provides all you need for up to six hours of learning and discussion with groups of three to 300 or more people. Use one cartoon as a quick leadership refresher in a staff meeting, or build a whole leadership class around them.

Whatever your setting, you pick the discussion topic and there’s a cartoon to go with it. Topics in the Intervene Skillfully package include:

  • Make Conscious Choices
  • Raise the Heat
  • Speak from the Heart
  • Give the Work Back
  • Act Experimentally
  • Hold to Purpose

The accompanying facilitation guide makes it easy to get people talking about why each leadership behavior is important, what makes it difficult to do in the real world, and how they will experiment with using the behavior to make progress on their own leadership challenge. The cartoon makes it easy to generate a flow of conversation from leadership theory to application to what matters most.

Your purchase of this package gives you the right to create slides and handouts. Use the cartoons on their own or in conjunction with pages 146-187 in Your Leadership Edge by Ed O’Malley and Amanda Cebula.


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