Worksheets – Intervene Skillfully Package


Accelerate learning with these seven easy-to-use worksheets that support application of the leadership competency Intervene Skillfully.


These worksheets provide material and inspiration for up to 10 hours of work on the leadership competency Intervene Skillfully.

The true measure of leadership is action that leads to progress. We define an intervention as an attempt by one or more people to make progress. To intervene skillfully is to do so consciously and purposefully. Making progress on adaptive challenges takes innovation and experimentation. If our experiment works, great. If not, we evaluate, adjust the approach and try again.

This package contains seven downloadable worksheets and permission to make unlimited copies for use in your classroom and team meetings. Each worksheet supports application of a key leadership behavior, with space and clear direction for reflection based in the competency of Intervene Skillfully.

  • Act Experimentally. Students and team members list and assess possible leadership interventions.
  • Hold to Purpose – (Purpose Meter). A great conversation starter. What would an outsider say about how well your group members hold to purpose?
  • When in Doubt, Get Clear About Purpose. This makes a great follow-up to the KLC video Why Purpose Matters.
  • KLC Dashboard. Like a dashboard in your car, the data points on this worksheet are critical indicators of how things are going with leadership.
  • Raise the Heat. If you want to make progress, you need the right people in the productive zone and heading toward a common purpose. Using this worksheet, brainstorm ways to intervene and energize more people.
  • Give the Work Back. Giving the work back means involving other people, sometimes multiple factions. Use this worksheet to encourage smart interventions to engage more people.
  • Speak from the Heart. Encourage learners to connect to the hearts of the people you are trying to lead. This worksheet gives space for reflection and insight. Follow with sharing in pairs or small groups.

Use these worksheets along with pages 148-197 in Your Leadership Edge or the KLC video Raising the Heat: Why Progress Requires Discomfort.


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