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Leadership Competencies

by | Jan 10, 2023 | KLC Framework

The KLC leadership competencies help you make progress on your toughest challenges. Our research and experience show how well they work in companies and organizations, large and small. People use them in rural communities and major cities as tools to help break down barriers to change. 

People in every sector draw on these tools to work across differences and to solve tough challenges. We have honed them over 15 years and with more than 15,000 people. We’ve introduced them to organizations on five continents and in 61 countries. 

The KLC competencies are the tools and strategies you need to build a culture where everyone leads.

Think about it. Your most important challenges are complicated. Solving them requires curiosity and learning, so we have the competency Diagnose Situation.

Leadership on our most important challenges is long-term work with lots of ups and down. It’s personal and can’t be accomplished from a distance. We are human and if we aren’t careful, things can go wrong or take too much of a personal toll. So, pay attention to the competency of Manage Self.

No one solves the toughest problems all by themselves. Authority is not enough. Your best effort is not enough. Progress requires people up and down the org chart to do their part. You’ll need to engage people from all corners of your community if you want to create lasting change. So, we have the competency Energize Others.

Solving your biggest challenges requires a clear sense of purpose, willingness to take risks, and ability to navigate change and loss. You need to experiment to get the right people engaged and working together. You’ll find clues for how to make progress among the behaviors associated with the leadership competency Intervene Skillfully.


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