Damon Young photo at bridge on Arkansas River

Chief Business Officer Damon Young invites you to the Trust and Transform movement



In April, Damon convened a group of Wichitans to continue the conversation and take action to build trust and transform the community after the seed was planted at the 2022 Chamber’s Chair Luncheon. The convening watered a movement that is growing to mobilize more community members to take part in StoryCorps’ One Small Step initiative with a goal of reducing polarization. This webpage is your one-stop-shop for all resources that have been generated in connection to the One Small Step initiative, Damon’s Trust and Transform Talks and Civic Circle initiative.

Learn more about StoryCorps One Small Step

It’s not too late to sign up for a One Small Step conversation or share the opportunity with your network.

NBC’s Today Show was in Wichita and ran a feature highlighting the One Small Step work that is happening in our city.

Check out Damon’s conversation about One Small Step with the Wichita Business Journal at the WBJ website and on SoundCloud.

Learn more about Damon Young

Damon serves as the Kansas Leadership Center’s Chief Business Officer and is the 2022 Chair of the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce. He is an active member of the civic and business communities in Kansas and has recently been featured in the following media.

Business Accelerator podcast episode

One Small Step conversation excerpt

His full One Small Step conversation 

Winning submission to The Journal’s essay contest

2020 Lead Wichita Chairman letter

“As I said during the Chair’s Lunch, I believe that Trust is a prerequisite for Transformation. Please join me for next steps we can take to build trust in our civic culture and to dream about what other issues impact us the most that we want to move together on to create a more vibrant community.”

Join us for Civic Circles this summer!

This summer, the Kansas Leadership Center is partnering Citizen University – a non-profit organization focused on building a culture of powerful responsible citizenship across the country – on a project to encourage Kansans to take on tough conversations with their friends, family and communities around the rising challenge of resisting polarization. We invite you to host a Civic Circle, in which you will bring friends and strangers together to nurture a spirit of shared purpose connected to one of these questions:

What does it mean to be a citizen of this democracy?
What does it mean to love your country, your neighbor, your enemy?
How do you make sense of fragmentation?

Civic Engagement Efforts at the Kansas Leadership Center

We believe that the right people, good information and a healthy process are key ingredients to building civic trust. Over the years, our civic engagement efforts have leveraged this belief in partnerships with community organizations and governmental entities to make progress on daunting challenges.

Learn more about the civic engagement efforts of the Kansas Leadership Center seeking to build trust and bring about transformation.

We are currently seeking a select number of community partnerships for the remainder of 2022!

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