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Julia Fabris McBride
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Is your organization, business or community confronting a tough challenge or big opportunity, one that needs more leadership and engagement from stakeholders at all levels? We hold that progress on the most daunting challenges requires a culture where everyone leads. And we’re here to help with that!

Already the premier speaker bureau in the state, The Kansas Leadership Center is quickly establishing a national and even global presence as the center of excellence for leadership development and civic engagement.

If you want to hear about what is possible for your organization or community When Everyone Leads, we’re excited to incorporate our forthcoming book from Bard Press into your session.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the need — whether it’s strategic planning, a board or staff retreat, a symposium, conference, even a local Rotary Club meeting — KLC’s deep bench of energizing facilitators, teachers and coaches will design the right intervention to help you and your organization mobilize more people so you seize opportunities and make more progress on your toughest challenges.

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KLC's book, Your Leadership Edge is a hit with audiences. Providing the book to your participants will help the ideas explored in our presentation stick. These books are priced at $24.99 each.
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