On the Balcony KLC

Thanks for all of the voices that contributed to the call today on “knowing your strengths, vulnerabilities and triggers.” People from Colby to Columbia, Pittsburg to Chicago were on the call.

A few highlights:

  • A big part of exercising leadership is understanding and appreciating our humanness, which can be summed up in our strengths, vulnerabilities and triggers.
  • “Mindfulness” is needed to control our triggers. We must create a “buffer zone” between the trigger/impulse and our reaction.
  • “Vulnerability” comes from a Latin word which means “ a wound.”
  • At least two types of vulnerabilities: 1) personal – connected to “our woundedness” and 2) contextual – connected to our circumstances.
  • We expend tremendous energy trying to first conceal our vulnerabilities and then, if/when they are uncovered, to mitigate, dismiss or minimize them. A wiser path is to expend that energy leaning into our vulnerabilities, acknowledging them and even celebrating them. Use them to bring forth new discovery and opportunity.


Join in for the next call on April 9 focused on “creating a trustworthy process.”



Ed O’Malley