The Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan

In hopes of addressing the problem of living with high-risk people and going to work or school and being exposed to the virus, a group convened by Jaryth Barten decided on Wednesday to launch The Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan Group 2.

Provide meaningful encouragement and support in combatting the virus.

Action Plan:
Assemble gift bags for families and health care workers. This will require the involvement of others at the Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan. It is anticipated that gift bags, rocks, paint, snacks, bottled drinks, handwritten notes, sanitation products will be needed to successfully complete the project. Pamela Nealey, BGC Director of Operations, will be responsible for ensuring that the process moves forward. It is projected that the effort will start on Dec 3, 2020, with the first step to request a mini-grant for supplies.

“Boys and girls club staff and youth attended this meeting to learn how they could support the health of people in their community. They started off by sharing personal stories about how the pandemic has impacted them in all areas of their life including home and work. They talked about how resilient their team and community are and how they will not let Covid phase them or bring them down. They voice their concerns about their own safety going to work every day and going to school. They also wanted to make sure that as youth live out their healthy living goals that they personally stay safe when they’re trying to help others. They ended with a call to action to create two different types of goody bags one to support inspire and show gratitude to essential workers and two to share sanitizing resources with youth and their community that need it most,” facilitator Aliah Mestrovich Seay said.

The Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan Group 2 will commence as a part of Kansas Beats the Virus, a partnership with the Kansas Leadership Center and the state of Kansas to activate KLC’s statewide network to generate local solutions that slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the effort is to spark more than 1,000 small group meetings before the end of 2020. The meeting convened by Jaryth is meeting No. 75.

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