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Seth Bate | Teacher and Coach

“I sing when I run.”

If you spot this phrase embroidered on a pair of running shorts in Kansas it probably means Seth Bate has just jogged past you. Or, more likely, you have run past him.

Seth is a reluctant jogger. But he’s determined. And loud. And memorable. Whether it’s on a trail in a classroom, or in a coaching conversation, Seth brings a creative rebelliousness with him. He refuses to acknowledge that a situation is hopeless, and he holds up possibilities and paths to people who think they are stuck.

After five years of co-facilitating a community leadership program, Seth began working at Wichita State University in 2006. As a member of KLC’s Core Teaching Team, Seth brings his determined, memorable, creative (and occasionally loud) self to the front of the room in KLC’s Equip to Lead and Coaching Intensive programs. You’ll find him facilitating learning with KLC’s Custom and Heartland Together teams and available as a coach. At KLC, Seth is respected for his ingenious ability to share leadership concepts in new ways. He was the first person to complete the KLC’s Leadership Coach certification and holds the International Coach Federation’s Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation.

As a coach, Seth is empathetic and direct. Clients say he is so easy to talk that sometimes they don’t even know they are being coached – until a provocative question from Seth opens up a whole new perspective. When you bring a leadership challenge to a coaching conversation with Seth, you discover what makes your challenge so difficult – and why it is not really difficult at all. Coaching conversations with Seth are often filled with laughter punctuated by a full, present, rich silence.

Seth loves Kansas history and the music Kansans make and enjoy. These loves show up in his book, Winfield’s Walnut Valley Festival, a Kansas Notable Book selection in 2023. Whether you encounter Seth on the jogging path or choose him for your coach, you will enjoy the encounter.

Credentials: PCC

Phone: 316.978.5423

Email: [email protected]

City: Winfield

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