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Peter Cohen | Coach

To his own surprise, Peter Cohen – an extreme introvert – migrated toward positions of authority. At age 11, he was elected as the first student body president of his elementary school. Throughout his professional career, he served as a division director, department chair, associate dean, college dean, director of a university leadership academy, and university professor.

So now, as a KLC coach and as a husband, father, and friend, Peter says, “First-hand experiences taught me that leadership has little to do with one’s role. I am committed to helping people make progress on the most pressing challenges in their professional and personal lives. By exercising leadership, we will achieve stronger, healthier, and more prosperous communities.” Peter was a founding member of KLC’s teaching team, and he taught in college classrooms for nearly five decades. Whether working with corporate CEOs, university presidents and academic deans, nonprofit managers, or undergraduates, Peter creates space where individuals can practice the difficult work of leadership.

Peter earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, a master’s degree in social psychology from San Diego State University, and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Education from The University of Michigan. Just prior to his involvement with KLC, he completed an adaptive leadership program through the Kennedy School at Harvard University. Both the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association have recognized Peter as a fellow of their organizations.

Peter’s hobbies include reading, walking, bike riding (his daughter founded an e-bike company), and loyally rooting for his hometown Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Lakers, as well as the Wichita State Shockers. He spent the past year writing stories of his life for his four children and seven grandchildren.

Peter says, “Through my work with students, coaching clients, and KLC partners, I better understand my biography while not letting my past control or dictate my path. I am better at experimenting and learning from that process. I am better at embracing vulnerability. I am better at taking care of myself, which enables me to be a better teacher, coach, husband, father, and friend. I continue to strive to get better at whatever’s next, and I want to help others do so as well.”

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City: Wichita

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