Jaryth Barten | Program Associate

Jaryth serves the Kansas Leadership Center as a member of the Programs Team and specializes in technology support. His passion for leadership development was realized at a young age and he has been seeking out opportunities to grow himself and others in the discipline ever since. Jaryth believes that leadership is the key to unlocking a future in which all people can thrive.

Jaryth graduated summa cum laude from Fort Hays State University with degrees in organizational leadership and communication. In his time at FHSU, Jaryth founded two student organizations. The first was a Collegiate 4-H club connecting college students to Kansas 4-H youth as volunteers and providing service-learning experience for its members. The second was a social outdoors club named Squatchy Squad. This club provided social opportunities for students in the great outdoors as they embarked on a never-ending search for Sasquatch. One of Jaryth’s favorite roles is serving as an advisor to the Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council. After spending two years on the council as a 4-Her, Jaryth loves to support current members as they develop their leadership and communication skills and host state 4-H events.

Growing up in Woodbine, Kansas, Jaryth is skeptical of others who claim to be from “small” towns. As an avid extrovert, he can never seem to get enough social time to make him slow down. He loves fishing, woodworking, swing-dancing, Rubik’s cubes, trying new foods, discussing BIG ideas, and is always in search of a new activity to get his adrenaline pumping. One day soon he hopes to be a proud boat owner as he has decided it seems like more fun than a house despite the continuous advisement of his friends and family.