Andy Huckaba | Coach

Quality of life is a core value for Andy. He brings great care and curiosity to every coaching conversation and each meeting he facilitates. Andy’s coaching clients value his gift for drawing out insight and opinions and elevating great ideas. Andy Huckaba will help you make progress when it matters most.

Andy is proud of his work as a Council Member for the City of Lenexa, where he served from 2003-2019. “I played an integral role in leading Lenexa into a golden period of unprecedented growth, innovation and exceptional service to its resident and business communities,” says Andy. “We navigated significant risk and the city is now thriving in these areas.”

He has owned and operated a management consulting business since 1993 focused on strategy, management and leadership. At KLC and elsewhere, Andy excels in partnership with clients from the private, government, and non-profit sectors.

Along with leadership coaching, Andy teaches management, leadership, communication and ethics with the Public Management Center at the University of Kansas. His ability to convene and lead disparate groups earned him coveted appointments with the Federal Communications Commission and the National League of Cities.

Andy says of his coaching at KLC, “I love to engage people through powerful questions and curiosity. I believe in the resourcefulness and creativity of people and I find the work with KLC partners and participants energizing and productive. Coaching is where the rubber meets the road in addressing daunting challenges.”

Andy loves his life and the people in it. He lives each day with a sense of purpose and looks forward to the next one with hunger for the adventure and wonder at the possibilities to come.

Phone: 913.485.3210

Email: [email protected]

City: Lenexa