Pathways to Healthcare Jobs Stakeholder Engagements

The Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) is interested in increasing pathways to healthcare jobs for those exiting the criminal justice system. There are many societal, regulatory and procedural challenges related to this work. To make progress on the issue, multiple perspectives need to be engaged.

In light of this, KDOC is partnering with the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) to facilitate a trustworthy process of engagement to understand stakeholder perspectives and the regulatory process challenges at hand. KLC has 15 years of experience in leveraging leadership principles to make progress on daunting challenges.

Stakeholders are invited to commit to attending three engagement sessions as outlined below. At the conclusion of the project, a report outlining the perspectives, barriers, recommendations and action steps needed to move forward will be compiled.


Share your availability and RSVP for the stakeholder engagements by filling out the following form:

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