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Friday Breakout Sessions

Leading Leadership Development: Insights from Return on Investment ResearchDiscover how to maximize the impact of leadership development initiatives drawn from 17 years of applied research: what makes initiatives successful and where do they derail from creating value? Case studies will explore value creation in terms of intangibles and monetary return on investment. Learn what you can do to increase the impact and business value of your leadership development efforts.

Dangers of Case-in-Point and Adaptive LeadershipThe purpose of this session is to discuss and explore the growing challenges of teaching adaptive leadership and using the Case-in-Point pedagogy. Otto Scharmer cautions that our world is polarizing economically, socially, and even psychologically. Those dynamics cause tension and resistance among people in the U.S. and many other places in the world. As Case-in-Point mirrors such dynamics in the classroom, teaching adaptive leadership becomes a challenging task. In this session, the participants will understand the importance of paying a more attention to the growing dynamics in the world when we teach adaptive leadership.

Research: Leadership Method as Mode of Inquiry & DevelopmentThe purpose of this session is to explore and expand boundaries between research methods for studying leadership activity (leadership inquiry) and approaches to leadership development (leadership development practice). Leadership activity that makes progress on adaptive challenges requires new learning, recognizing values and loyalties, and constructing new ways of being. A primary assumption is that learning and development is not simply an individual exercise, but socially constructed through relationships and communities. This session advances our understanding of leadership in civic contexts by exploring how community-engaged scholarship methods serve as both a mode of leadership inquiry and develop leadership capacity.

Facilitating Self-Efficacy using Props and Experiential LearningComing soon

“Bring it on down to Muni-Sim!” Using a Municipal Simulation in a Leadership ProgramTired of people falling asleep after lunch? A municipal simulation (Muni-Sim!) is a fun, creative, and immersive experience that gets participants out of their comfort zones and into adaptive problem solving. Learn how to manage the activity to keep it in the productive zone. “Debrief” with us on how the four leadership competencies can be experienced, and how that transfers to teaching leadership. Take away a Muni-Sim template. And, come experience Muni-Sim yourself as we set up a planning and zoning simulation that is easily adaptable to your leadership program.

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