The Collaborative builds the capacity of members to redefine community leadership development across the country. Hosted by the first-of-its-kind Kansas Leadership Center (KLC), the purpose of The Collaborative is to establish “large-scale leadership development” efforts across the country and beyond.

Organizations who join this collaborative are…

COMMITTED TO INCLUSION, to disrupt who leadership development is for, ushering in a more inclusive and expansive commitment to populations and communities.

COMMITTED TO SCALE, to leadership development for hundreds and thousands of people annually, rather than the typical 20-40 cohort model.

COMMITTED TO ADAPTIVE WORK, to building capacity to tackle adaptive, not technical, challenges.

COMMITTED TO THE GREATER GOOD, working through individuals for the betterment of the community, region, state and nation.

COMMITTED TO EXPERIMENTATION, to acting boldly to build the leadership capacity of their region.

We ask that funders …

• Commit at least $50,000/year to local/regional large scale leadership development experiment(s).
• Attend monthly Collaborative work sessions.
• Optional: attend intensives and KLC core programs.

We ask that leadership development institutions …

• Attend monthly Collaborative work sessions.
• Executive Director/CEO attends Large Scale Leadership Development Conference annually.
• Two people attend the KLC Advanced Leadership Development and Teach Leadership Intensives annually.
• Two people attend the KLC core programs annually.
• Run at least one large-scale leadership development experiment each year.