Civic Engagement Advisory Committee

A New Opportunity for KLC Alumni

KLC Civic Engagement and Why it Matters

At the Kansas Leadership Center, our mission is to build leadership skills within communities so that organizations and individuals, regardless of title or position, have the capacity to tackle challenging problems and lead change for more progress. The ability to mobilize others for tough work is critical to leadership that results in stronger, healthier and more prosperous communities, in Kansas and beyond.

While leadership training programs are essential to the success of our mission, KLC supplements these programs with civic engagement initiatives to foster a cultural climate in which:

  1. Kansans recognize and support the exercise of leadership on daunting challenges, by both public officials and everyday citizens;
  2. KLC alumni are positioned in key roles in organizational and civic life in Kansas; and
  3. Alumni in key positions deploy the KLC ideas to make progress on challenging issues affecting health and well-being in Kansas.

Our civic engagements initiatives to date include:

  1. Publication of The Journal, KLC’s nationally recognized civic leadership magazine;
  2. The launching of Journal Talks, an ongoing series of community conversations on civic issues;
  3. Convening of Journal launch and discussion events on current events;
  4. Publication of voter resources to help Kansans make informed electoral decisions;
  5. Forums, programs and events highlighting civic leadership in public office.

The Advisory Committee Gathered at KLC for The Big Tent, October 29

Our first committee meeting was part of a larger KLC event called The Big Tent, when KLC brought together folks from Leadership Transformation Grants, Third Floor Research projects, our Board of Directors meeting and design sessions for The Journal magazine. We joined everyone for a full day at The Big Tent on October 29, 2019.

Expectations for Advisory Committee Members

1. Help shape civic engagement efforts
2. Attend quarterly meetings in 2020:

  • January 14
  • April 7
  • July 28
  • November 10

3. Contribute to the Journal Talks process
4. Practice hosting and participating in Journal Talks conversation
5. Help select civic engagement issues to cover in The Journal

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