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Global Database


(What is the Global Database for Leadership Programs?)

A collaboration with organizations who are curious about the impact of their leadership programs. These organizations are committed to mobilizing people to make progress on challenging issues.

The creation of the Global Database for Leadership Programs emerges as an opportunity to house data from leadership development programs operating in various places worldwide.


(What does the global database do?):

The Global Database captures typical program evaluation data, such as program information, participant demographics, the dosage of leadership content, and program support levels.

What is unique about this process is that one year after completing a leadership program, program alumni reflect on their most significant learning and most significant success stemming from the training.

Our curiosity:

What factors in leadership programs drive participant impact in exercising leadership? 

Global Database Leadership Program Partners

Salif Kanoute – DECLIC (Senegal, Africa)

Denise King – Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation (Denver, CO)

Bill Coy- Hawaii Leadership Forum (Honolulu, HI)

Sue Hack – Leadership Lawrence (Lawrence, KS)

Brittany Engle – Kansas Leadership Center (Wichita, KS)

Cynthia Knapek – Leadership Louisville (Louisville, KY)

Emily Adamczyk- Leadership Victoria (Melbourne, Australia)

Sarah Mali – MASA Leadership Accelerator (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Ronald Carrere – Norman C. Francis Leadership Institute (New Orleans, LA)

David Sachs – The Leadership (Baltimore, MD)

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