Thane Chastain | Director of Creative Technology

Thane has always been about helping people do what they never thought they could.

Thane approaches his work at the Kansas Leadership Center with over four decades of experience in working with middle school through senior citizens helping them understand what is possible with emerging technologies.

His undergraduate degrees in History and Communication from Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas as well as his Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Wichita State University have given him the background to appreciate and understand how messaging and systems influence our lives to form a shared reality.

Thane has worked in youth ministry, sales, radio, television, and at the college and university level in teaching and administration. All of this has prepared him for the diversity of his role in leadership development.

As a private consultant, Thane formed his own business twenty years ago, Owings Lockert Technologies, LLC. Through this company he has played a key role the past dozen years in the ever-growing Tallgrass Film Festival held the third week of October each year in downtown Wichita.

Thane has volunteered over 40 years with the American Legion’s Boys State of Kansas and over 20 years with the American Legion’s Boys Nation program held near Washington D.C. each summer. He has met several Presidents but knows his work with the thousands of emerging youth is far more important.

Thane is the rare IT guy who speaks both geek and human. He’s known as ‘the computer whisperer’ to many around him who rely on his patient support of frustrating technology. He is fun, engaging, approachable, always willing to listen and will provide a sharp insight when asked (and sometimes when he feels like saying nothing would be a real disservice).

Thane has said of himself, “I may not be the first to catch on, but my persistence to eventually understand complex systems and ideas has helped me translate that learning in different ways to different people who might otherwise feel totally overwhelmed.”

A Latin motto one of his middle school families presented him several years ago was inscribed ORDO AB CHAO meaning Order Out of Chaos. Maybe that’s what Thane does best and what he is proud of most – making sense out of what others would avoid and in such a way that they are also able to learn, grow and move forward.