Lynette Lacy | Senior Associate

Lynette Lacy has a deep-rooted passion for improving the way people and systems work together for lasting change. Every aspect of her work is focused on equipping people from all walks of life to recognize their own leadership abilities and identify additional skills they need to make progress on improving their business, organization or community. This can be seen in her role on the KLC Core Teaching Team, and through her consulting business (KL Connections). Her clients include businesses (banking, manufacturing, accounting firms) healthcare (hospitals, community health centers), education (universities, college presidents, community colleges, K-12 Boards of Education), and nonprofits (community leadership programs, non-profit boards, community foundations, United Ways).

Lynette excels with groups ranging from 8-10 member Executive Teams to community wide sessions with 50 individuals and larger. Lynette holds a master’s degree in special education from the University of Kansas and completed the Harvard Kennedy School – Executive Education Program entitled “Art and Practice of Leadership Development” in May 2009. She encourages groups to build a shared vision, works on fostering environments to promote deeper relationships and introduces leadership tools and information with the aim of moving the organization forward.

Email: [email protected]

City: Hutchinson