For the Common Good Workbook


A 10-part workbook to learn and apply the KLC competencies and principles.

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This 10-part workbook and video series walks users through the process of identifying a leadership challenge and introduces key leadership concepts to apply immediately.

Each section includes access to a video introducing the KLC concept presented by KLC faculty.

This is best used in classrooms or teams to help introduce key leadership concepts. Each session takes about 30 minutes to complete alone or can be paired with classroom facilitation to provide content for 60-75 minutes.

The workbook includes access to all 10 YLE teaching videos.

Session 1: What is Leadership
Session 2: Adaptive vs. Technical – What’s your Challenge?
Session 3: Explore Multiple Interpretations
Session 4: Who’s Not at the Table?
Session 5: What’s Your Part of the Mess?
Session 6: Comfort, Conflict and Competence
Session 7: Ensuring a Trustworthy Process
Session 8: Energize Others by Starting with Them
Session 9: Raise the Heat: Why Progress Requires Discomfort
Session 10: Why Purpose Matters


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