Serving our Partners During the COVID-19 Crisis

To ensure the health and safety of participants, staff and the general public during the pandemic, the Kansas Leadership Center has temporarily closed its facilities and moved its services online. Read our response to the pandemic.

Yet even as the ongoing crisis upends our lives at work, at home and in our communities, we reaffirm our mission to foster leadership for a stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas. It is essential that we continue serving our partners to fulfill this mission, especially during this extraordinary public health emergency.

We’ve adapted the delivery of our leadership development to meet the demands of the moment. In place of in-person training programs, KLC is offering a suite of virtual services to address both our partners’ pre-existing leadership challenges as well as respond to the strains of this extraordinary crisis on organizations and communities. Read on for important information about your partnership with KLC. 

Relationship Manager

Each of our partner organizations has been assigned a staff member to serve as your relationship manager. Your relationship manager will work with you to assess your organization’s needs, guide and facilitate access to services and structure your organization’s support during this time. Rest assured: KLC is here to support you through one of the great leadership challenges of our time.

A Virtual KLC Path

Our programs have moved online

Weekly live training

Facilitated virtual learning experiences

On-demand resources

KLC websites accessible any time

 Our Training Programs: The KLC Path

To keep our training accessible, our signature training programs are now being offered as virtual experiences. For details on specific offerings, read an overview of our programs by clicking the button below.


Update on our programs


Interactive Live Training

To reach people where they are, we are offering free, interactive online training, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. To explore these offerings and see the schedule of our virtual learning experiences, click the button below.

    Online Resources

    In addition to our calendar of live training events, our suite of websites offers services available at any time:


    • a complete online learning course. Unlimited access for one year to each partner organization;
    • The KLC Store: Books, magazines and tools for teaching and learning that help you learn, practice and share our ideas;
    • weekly stories from our award-winning magazine on civic and political issues in Kansas.