Serving our Partners During the COVID-19 Crisis

Due to prohibitions on public gatherings to slow the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, KLC has temporarily closed its facilities, suspended programs and taken other preventive steps to combat this global health emergency. Read more on these restrictions.

Yet even as this ongoing public health emergency upends our lives at work, at home and in our communities, the Kansas Leadership Center reaffirms its mission to foster leadership for a stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas. It is essential that we continue serving our partners to fulfill this mission, especially during this extraordinary health crisis.

In response to the pandemic, we’ve adapted the delivery of our leadership development to meet the demands of the moment. In place of in-person training programs, KLC is offering a suite of virtual services to address both our partners’ pre-existing leadership challenges as well as respond to the strains of this extraordinary crisis on organizations and communities.

Relationship Manager

Each of our partner organizations has been assigned a staff member to serve as your relationship manager. Your relationship manager will work with you to assess your organization’s needs, guide and facilitate access to services and structure your organization’s support during this time. Rest assured: KLC is here to support you through what is clearly one of the great leadership challenges of our time.

Live training

Facilitated virtual learning experiences

Coaching and facilitation

Teachers and coaches work directly with your organization

Online resources

KLC websites accessible any time

Live Training

Virtual training experiences facilitated by KLC teachers for anyone to join. We’ve published a weekly schedule of opportunities to better “start where you are.” These include:

  • Video chats: a 60-minute, live, interactive look at one KLC idea. Grasp a new tool to spur progress on your challenges;
  • On the Balcony” – Apply the KLC ideas to the challenges of today in a 60-minute Facebook Live session (in English and Spanish);
  • Book Clubs: 30-minute conversations on ideas from our flagship textbook, Your Leadership Edge (in English and Spanish);
  • Leadership Late Nights: with D.J. Whetter. When the days are crazy and life is upside down, you need Leadership at Night.”
  • Orientation to yourleadershipedge.com: learn to navigate our comprehensive online training course, free for partners.

Coaching and Facilitation

KLC teachers and coaches work directly with your organization with these services:

  • Coaching: including both individual executive sessions for senior authority and group coaching for teams;
  • Virtual facilitation or presentation: KLC Teachers will support your organization on both existing or COVID-19 challenges through virtual group facilitation and/or presentations;
  • Case Consultation: A KLC facilitator will help you write a synopsis of your organizational challenge, organize a meeting of necessary stakeholders, and guide your group through a process that yields more progress on your challenge.


Online Resources

In addition to scheduled virtual training events, our suite of websites offers supportive services available at any time:


  • Yourleadershipedge.com: a complete online learning course, the virtual equivalent of our foundational training program, Your Leadership Edge. Unlimited access for one year to each partner organization;
  • The KLC Store: Books, magazines and tools for teaching and learning that help you exercise leadership and share our ideas and curriculum with others;
  • KLCjournal.com: weekly stories from our award-winning magazine on leadership challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Kansas.