Lead for Change

A deep dive into the KLC framework

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To prepare for Lead for Change, please take 40 minutes to complete the following:


Complete pages 51-52 in the KLC Guidebook to identify a challenge that matters to you

Click here to submit your Leadership Challenge online by 4/12/22

Read The Journal article “School districts come to terms with Native American mascot ‘traditions’”

Review the Virtual Prep Guide – How to make the most of your experience

To learn more about how your challenge will be used throughout the course, please take an additional 30 minutes to complete the following:


Read the Peer Consulting Process in the KLC Guidebook pages 69-76

Watch the Explore Tough Interpretations Skills Lab

To review materials from your first program, Your Leadership Edge, take time to read the following:


Read through the Test Multiple (and Tough) Interpretations section in the KLC Guidebook pages 16-17

Refresh yourself to the KLC Framework by skimming through Your Leadership Edge

If you haven’t already, purchase these resources before attending:


In-program resources:






Zoom passcode will be emailed to you shortly before the program begins.




Slide Archives:


Day 1 – Welcome

Day 1 – Intro to Systems

Day 1 – Intro to Systems (Mural Board .pdf)

Day 1 – The Nature of Leadership and Authority

Day 1 – Take Care of Yourself/Energy Inventory

Day 1 – Peer Consultation

Day 1 – Multiple Interpretations

Day 2 – Debrief

Day 2 – Understanding Process Challenges

Day 2 – Working with Entrenched Factions

Day 2 – Factions (Mural Board .pdf)

Day 2 – Create a Trustworthy Process

Day 2 – Heat in Systems

Day 3 – Immunity to Change

Day 4 – Debrief

Day 4 – Take Care of Yourself – Personal Vision

Day 4 – Inspire a Collective Purpose

Day 4 – Act Experimentally

Day 4 – Building a Culture of Leadership

Day 4 – Closing

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