Civic Leadership for the Common Good: A Response to COVID-19

In this critical time of global emergency, our leadership competencies of “energize others,” “intervene skillfully” and “manage self” have taken an ironic twist. All too abruptly, we’ve learned that the way we come together as a people to overcome the Coronavirus is by staying away from each other; the way we best support each other is through social distancing to slow the spread of the pandemic. Many of us probably never imagined that leadership for the common good would call for staying at home instead of showing up. It’s a profound adaptive challenge that human beings around the world are experiencing, alone and together, all at the same time.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend our lives at work, at home and in our communities, the Kansas Leadership Center reconfirms its mission to foster leadership for a stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas. Over the past three days, we’ve worked together to adapt the ways we foster that leadership right now. The delivery of our leadership development training is changing to meet the demands of the moment.

Our Facilities are Temporarily Closed

Due to federal guidelines and state restrictions on public gatherings to slow the spread of COVID-19, KLC has taken the following measures to respond to this global health emergency:

  • All in-person programs and registration for future programs offered by the Kansas Leadership Center are suspended until further notice;
  • All meetings of outside partner organizations utilizing our facilities are suspended until further notice;
  • The April 8 Journal Launch event, Eyes on the Future, has been postponed until further notice. The Spring Edition of the Journal Magazine will be withheld from publication until a later date;
  • Registration for training programs will reopen when it is appropriate to resume large meetings. Participants enrolled in suspended programs will be scheduled for a later date and will receive priority registration. KLC will do its best to accommodate every registrant;
  • Our office will begin remote operations during COVID-19 pandemic effective Thursday, March 19. Staff will continue to answer our main phone number (316) 712-4950, and individual staff members are available via phone and email as normal. Our virtual office hours will remain 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

New and Existing Virtual Services 

To affirmatively respond to the pandemic and serve our partners, alumni and the general public during this extraordinary health crisis, KLC will offer weekly virtual learning experiences as well as on-demand services available to anyone. These include:

  •  Video chats on KLC leadership competencies (diagnose the situation, manage self, energize others and intervene skillfully);
  • On the Balcony” – discussion forums offering reflection and support for leadership challenges (available in English and Spanish);
  •  Book Clubs: study our flagship textbook, Your Leadership Edge, in English or Spanish.

To learn more about these offerings and see the schedule of our virtual learning experiences, click the button below.

In addition to the scheduled training events named above, KLC’s websites offer numerous on-demand services:

  • Yourleadershipedge.com: extensive online learning resources (via monthly or annual subscription)
  • KLCjournal.com: weekly stories from our award-winning magazine on leadership challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Kansas begin next week;
  • The KLC Store: Books, magazines and tools for teaching and learning to help you exercise leadership and share our ideas and curriculum with others.

We’ll Stay in Touch as Things Evolve

In this time of uncertainty, our decisions have followed and will continue to follow federal policy, recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the decisions of Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Sedgwick County and the City of Wichita. We will communicate with our partners and the public as the situation changes and our responses and offerings evolve. For the latest updates, check our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) or visit our website.

We encourage you to visit the official websites of the CDC and the KDHE. If you have questions about COVID-19, call KDHE’s hotline from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at (866) 534-3463 or email [email protected].

We’ve all been hearing about, experiencing and speaking to great loss lately. And we know there is more loss to come. As Reggie Robinson, president and CEO of our parent organization, the Kansas Health Foundation, put it so well in an email earlier this week: “The coming weeks will be filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and profound challenge for all of us. And as we confront that set of challenges, it is especially important for us to take care of ourselves, and to meet and engage each other with kindness and patience.”