This leadership course is a collaboration between the KU School of Medicine and the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC). A case-based approach will be used to learn and apply the KLC transformational leadership competencies: Diagnose the Situation; Manage Self; Energize Others; and Intervene Skillfully.


Complete the following:

Before Session 1:
  • Review the agenda with reading assignments for each session. Watch the Session 1 video.
Once your book arrives:
  • Begin reading the Your Leadership Edge book. Specific reading assignments for each session are noted on the detailed agenda below.
Before Each Session:
  • Check this page for additional readings and pre-session videos. To save time and reserve the classroom for application experiences, important content will be shared in these videos that will not be taught in class.

Video 1
(Watch before Session 1)


Video 3
(Watch before Session 3)


Video 2
(Watch before Session 2)


Video 4
(Watch before Session 4)


In-program resources:






Zoom links are included in your email invites.




Work Products and Resource Materials:



KLC Toolset (.pdf)


Case Study


Case Consultation Notes


Gap Map Activity


Tough Interpretations Activity


Session 1 Slide


Teach Team:



Kevin Bomhoff

Other Teachers:

Brian Pate: [email protected]

Brad Barth: [email protected]

Nancy Davis: [email protected]

Kaycee Miller: [email protected]

Julie Galliart